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 Creepy Schizo Man is Creepy

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Catching Rain
Catching Rain

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PostSubject: Creepy Schizo Man is Creepy   Creepy Schizo Man is Creepy Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 4:40 am

My tale of terror for today. (Please pardon any foul language - this is from a Skype conversation I had with my friend when I recounted this tale).

So after my Korean class, I decided to take the bus back to my dorm because it was raining, right? So I'm just sitting there, minding my own business in the little shelter thing (well, this one was kinda big because it's a busy stop). There's about 20 or so people at the stop. And then this really CREEPY old guy comes up and sits down next to me. I have my headphones on, so I stare straight ahead trying to ignore him. But I can see him out of the corner of my eye, and he is fucking staring me down. I pulled out my phone and pretended to text, and then a bus comes, but it's not my bus so I stay put. So now it's only me and this creeper, and a couple people at the other end of the shelter thing.
And this guy taps me on the shoulder and goes, "Where are you from?"
I said, "Ohio."
He was like, "What part?"
and in a stupid move on my part, I told him which part.
He goes off on a tangent about how I should have stayed there and go to the local college because that's where I grew up (and how the fuck does he know this????) and how he's here in Columbus because this is where he grew up. And then he asked "Will you be my friend?"
I immediately thought that he was schizophrenic, so in order not to antagonize him, I said yes. He said his name was John ("I can't tell you my last name, though. I can only tell that to people who I get to know well. I'll tell you my last name when I meet you next time." and I'm like "THERE WON'T FUCKING BE A NEXT TIME.") and that he was 52 years old and asked me my name and how old I was. I said my name was Sarah (IT WAS THE FIRST NAME THAT CAME TO MIND) and that I was 20 years old. Then he started going off on a tangent about how his sister is dead and wanted to be cremated and something about adultery (I'm hardly listening because 1. my headphones are still on and 2. I'm freaking out) and then he starts doing the "finger-throat-slit" symbol. I said, "That's a little scary." and he was like, "Yeah, it is." but kept doing it. So finally my bus comes and I was like, "kthxbai!" and BOOKED IT.

[and here's where the Skype conversation ended]

THAT MAN WAS SO CREEPY!!!!!!! I mean, I've seen some pretty shady lookin' dudes at the bus stop, but this is the first time that I got that "Something's-definitely-not-right-here" feeling in my gut and it scared the hell out of me. And of course, the first thing my roommates do when I tell them is laugh. I was like =_________= I called my parents and both of them told me to call campus police. That was such a terrifying experience. I mean, he was definitely underdressed for the weather (he was wearing a tshirt and shorts, and it was 50 degrees and raining) and he kept fiddling with his umbrella and twitching and looking around everywhere and generally acting psycho. I thought I was going to die.
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PostSubject: Re: Creepy Schizo Man is Creepy   Creepy Schizo Man is Creepy Icon_minitimeSat Oct 09, 2010 6:25 pm


It'd be a good Halloween story though?

Super Ken is almost here.
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Creepy Schizo Man is Creepy
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