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 PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot

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PostSubject: PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot   Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:28 pm

Here is a Private Challenge given to me by Emotionless-Robot.

Summary: Tai, Sora, and Matt learn the waltz.

Sentence to include: 的値l bet you a triple chocolate hot fudge sundae with extra sprinkles that I win.

Disclaimer: I don稚 own Digimon.

展hy so glum? Sora Takenouchi joined her boyfriend Tai Kamiya over by the bleachers in the gymnasium, offering him a concerned smile. Normally, Tai was overly enthusiastic in P.E., but today he looked embarrassed and unsure.

溺r. Katsutoshi just informed us in the locker room that we池e gonna be learning the,

展ALTZ! Takashi Nakamura, one of Matt痴 band mates, cut Tai off, grabbing Sora by the arm and spinning her around.

添eah, that, Tai grumbled.

Takashi released Sora, who giggled. Everyone knew that Takashi was a hopeless flirt, and he loved to joke around with the girls.

徹h, Tai, what痴 so terrible about the waltz? Sora asked, smoothing her red hair back into place, and grinning at Tai.

Tai muttered something incomprehensible, but before Sora could ask him to repeat it, a shrill whistle rang through the gym, signaling the start of class.

摘veryone take a seat! Mr. Katsutoshi hollered over the jabbering students.

的 hate P.E., Matt muttered in Takashi痴 ear as they climbed with the rest of the class onto the old, rickety bleachers. The school really needed to use some of their funding to remodel the gym. It smelled like sweat and moldy socks, the floors were scuffed and cracking, and of course, the bleachers were a death trap.

添eah, I致e seen your pitiful athletic skills. No offense, dude, but anyone who faints during kickball needs to get in shape, Takashi snickered.

的 couldn稚 help it, I forgot to eat breakfast, Matt said defensively.

典hat痴 been your excuse every time, Matt, Takashi teased. 的知 not doubting you occasionally have a valid medical reason, but twice a week? He grinned.

添ou know I hate kickball and dodge ball, Matt said in a low voice. 鄭nd you池e one to talk; you threw up on your own birthday cake to get out of taking a bath after your party!

Takashi grimaced. 泥ude, that was last year預nd I had gotten drunk the night before. I thought we weren稚 going to mention that, ever, my mom still doesn稚 know! he growled.

典hen stop making fun of me, you dunce, Matt snapped.

Takashi laughed, clapping Matt on the shoulder. 鄭lright, man, he sighed. 擢air enough傭ut I have yet to see your dancing abilities, if they池e anything like how you play soccer he trailed off, grinning like a drunken monkey.

的値l bet you a triple chocolate hot fudge sundae with extra sprinkles that I win, Matt hissed.

滴ey, you can稚 eat that, Takashi protested.

展ho says I can稚? Matt challenged, extending his hand. Takashi hesitated, but a glare from Matt made up his mind. They shook on it.

徹kay, class, Mr. Katsutoshi began once everyone had quieted down. 鄭s you may have heard, today we are learning the waltz.

As if on cue, the room erupted in loud, whiny groans from the guys, and excited giggles from the girls.

哲ow, now, dancing is just as fin as say, soccer, if you give it a chance, Mr. Katsutoshi insisted strolling a TV out of the supply room, and over to where the students were seated. He plugged in a videotape. 典he waltz is an extremely popular ballroom dance, dating back centuries ago. First, we値l watch this instructional tape, and then everyone can pair off into groups and give it a try, Mr. Katsutoshi said eagerly, shutting off the gymnasium lights.

Stillness settled over the dark room as the video began, showing clips of men in tuxedos, and women in lavish, flowing gowns, spinning around in a glistening ballroom. Sora leaned in closer to Tai, eyes glued to the screen. Her hand brushed his, and his palms started sweating.

Takashi farted, shattering the eerie silence, and both Akira and Hiroshi柚att痴 two other band members庸ell into hysterics.

的知 astounded by your immaturity, Matt announced, grateful when the video burst into sound, a droning voice detailing the art and history of ballroom dancing.

鉄o am I, Mr. Katsutoshi said, although everyone heard the telltale sound of crunching popcorn from his direction.

Finally, after thirty minutes, the video ended, and Mr. Katsutoshi flipped on the lights.

敵o ahead and pair up, everyone, he said, pulling up a chair so he could watch their progress預nd eat the rest of his caramel corn.

Sora grabbed Tai痴 hand. 溺ay I have this dance? she asked before laughing.

鄭ren稚 I supposed to say that? Tai grinned, although a thousand butterflies swirled in his stomach.

添ou池e right, Good Sir, Sora said, her brown eyes twinkling. 釘ut be my partner, okay?

鉄ure, but I知 warning you now, I知 not that great of a dancer, Tai muttered, watching Yolei痴 older sister, Chizuru, wander around looking for a partner. Surprisingly, Matt detangled himself from Takashi, Akira, and Hiroshi, who were obviously snickering at her預nd Matt asked her to dance.

Tai smiled. 溺att痴 one heck of a guy, isn稚 he?

添eah, he痴 not as quiet now that he痴 dating June, Sora commented, pulling Tai onto the dance floor謡ell, gym floor預s a classical song played on the stereo. 泥o you want to lead, or should I?

鉄ora, Tai sighed. 的 can稚 dance.

典hat痴 what I知 here for; don稚 worry, you aren稚 the only one様ook at Takashi, Sora pointed out. Takashi was dancing with another girl in their class, and he was awful.

徹kay, you池e right, Tai said, taking Sora痴 hand. He let Sora guide him across the floor, losing himself in the music and the feel of Sora痴 hand in his. He took a deep breath, and twirled her around, her hair flying, her arm gracefully outstretched. They came back together, moving slowly, each repeating the steps in their heads.

So far, so good, Tai thought.

徹UCH! Tai, my toe, you stepped on my toe! Sora screeched, backing away, and hopping on one foot. If it had been under different circumstances, Tai would have laughed, because she did look funny jumping around like a wounded flamingo.

的知 sorry! Tai gasped, cringing. 填h, maybe you better lead after all.

They went back to dancing, Tai keeping a firm hand on Sora痴 waist, and a watchful eye on her toes.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the gym, Matt wasn稚 having much luck either.

徹kay, so it痴 one, two, three; one, two, three熔h, sorry! Chizuru paused in her countdown when Matt winced painfully. 展as that your foot? she asked, looking mortified.

添eah, it痴 okay, Matt insisted, shrugging it off.

鉄orry, I have two left feet, I swear, Chizuru apologized, blushing profusely. 添ou must think I知 a real dork.

哲o I don稚, Matt protested, shocked. 的致e been friends with your sister for over a year, and I致e never thought you were a dork. He took her hand again, gently steering her through the motions. 的知 sorry my friends are such jerks to you庸ifteen-year-old boys aren稚 all like that, I promise, he grinned.

Chizuru smiled, her eyes sparkling behind her fancy horn-rimmed glasses. 的 know. She felt her nervousness disappear as he twirled her around, feeling pretty and appreciated for once in her life.

Tai and Sora waltzed past, and Tai gaped at Matt. 泥ude, who taught you to dance, he demanded.

溺y mom, Matt said, smiling at the memory.

展ell, then maybe you should teach, Tai began, twirling Sora, a little too hard, and sending her crashing into another group of kids. Yelps of pain and the sound of bodies hitting the floor made him flinch.

典AICHI! Sora shrieked, struggling to her feet, her normally peaceful face livid.

痘me, Tai finished with a gulp, his face going beet red. He bolted from the gym, Sora chasing after him, leaving the beautiful music and fantasies behind.

Matt watched them go; sharing a grin with Chizuru, and thinking about how much he was going to enjoy that sundae Takashi was going to buy them both.
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PostSubject: Re: PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot   Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:55 pm

This is great Very Happy
Fun times, very fun times.

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PostSubject: Re: PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot   Sat Sep 27, 2008 11:29 pm

Haha, very awesome!!!

I'm so glad I gave you this challenge! You did an amazing job!! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot   Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:52 pm

This was incredible!
Really sweet! Matt is ace (Y)

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PostSubject: Re: PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot   Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:45 pm

Laughing nice work.
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PostSubject: Re: PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot   Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:04 pm

Teehee, that's cute.
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PostSubject: Re: PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot   Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:52 am

I really think this is cute though lol poor Tai! Laughing lol!
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PostSubject: Re: PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot   

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PRIVATE CHALLENGE-The Waltz: Emotionless-Robot
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