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 Another Green Day fic: Give Me Novacaine

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PostSubject: Another Green Day fic: Give Me Novacaine   Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:15 pm

Hi guys, I haven't been on since this summer, I know...I've been busy with a lot of stuff, and I had started a new Green Day fan fic. Well, two days ago I finally finished it. I'm going to post it on Livejournal and link it back to here for those who'd like to read it, because once again it contains adult themes.

Here's a quick summary:

Title: Give Me Novacaine

Summary: Billie Joe passes out during a concert in Japan and is taken to Happy Place Hospital, where suffering and death lurk within the shadows of false optimism.

Rating: M for mature themes. (in two chapters)
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Another Green Day fic: Give Me Novacaine
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