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 20th June '10:: RPG.

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PostSubject: 20th June '10:: RPG.   Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:41 pm

So we're trying to get the forum active once again, and what's more addictive than a good old RPG?
Any ideas, please comment on THIS THREAD.

Similarly, A Night At the Zō-wa.has now been locked. You should still be able to read it (if not, tell me or Nina and we'll get that sorted out for you) but it means there will be no more posting on that RP.

Consider it closure on the best RP this forum ever saw *wipes away tear*.

The Incredible Scarab.
You will die at the age of 55.
You will die chocking whilst trying to eat a live hamster.

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20th June '10:: RPG.
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