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 Halloween Michi

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PostSubject: Halloween Michi   Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:18 am

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon or anything you reconize.

Author's Notes: Michi. Plot based somewhat on diffrent books, like Sunshine and True Blood. Just some Halloween fun.

There were good days.

They were bad days.

And they were days when you were kidnapped by homical psychos who hated the supernatural and lock you in a dark room chained to a hungry, hungry vampire.

Guess which one Taichi Yagami was having.

Taichi glared down at the silver chain fastened to his ankle; the metal burned his skin through the jeans and he winced everytime he moved. Everytime he felt the burn of the silver against his skin, he could feel his very insides burn in frustration and indignation over his imprisonment. He was a Shape-Shifter Prince who had lived much longer than any of his captors and had survived many more battles as well. His pride suffered a massive blow as he remembered he had been so drunk during his sister's wedding that he had left the grounds and been ambushed by his captors. He had been taken easily and that fact had made him want to bash his head against the wall.

Except that would be a bad idea when chained to a vampire. He didn't know what the walls and floors of the room were made of and if it was a material he could cut himself on, the smell of his blood would probably drive the vampire into a frenzy that even he wasn't sure he could fight off.

He sighed and with little else to do besides curse his own stupidity he decided to study the vampire for the first time since he had been brought here. The vampire was female and appeared in her early to mid twenties but he could sense her power and knew that she was far older than that. Normally, he supposed she would be beautiful (for all vampires are) but the effects from starvation and the silver chains had not boded well for her apperance. Her honey hair was lank and fell limply in front of her gaunt, pale face. She was much too thin, he could see her ribs, and her gold eyes looked sunken into her face. Her thin lips were moving far to fast for him to decipher what she was saying under her breath. Her clothes were unwahsed, torn, and ragged. Currently she was lying on the floor in a fetal position.

He felt a stab of pity for her. Even though his kind in general had no great love for vampires, but they were not hated either, and he could emphaize the lack of power the situation had brought her.

His thoughts were interupted when the vampire ordered, "Speak."

He blinked. "What?"

With what he was sure was a great effort for her, she raised her head to look at him in the face. "Speak. Tell a story. Sing a song. Just do something. I don't care what it is."

"Why?" he asked in a suspicious tone of voice.

She sighed. "First, during the moments I'm not being tortured or experimented on, I'm left alone in this room without anyone to talk to. And it's getting to me. Second, I'm starving right now and in the condition I'm in, I might not stop feeding from you until I drain you dry. You talking will remind me that you are a rational being who deserves to live." She attempted a smile but only managed a grimace. "So, you speaking is really in both of our best interests."

He felt pity for her again. "How long have you been in here?"

"I don't know. It's been a while though."

"They haven't fed you?"

She gasped out a breathy laugh. "Feed the abomination? They'd sooner cut off their right arms than do that."

He was quiet for a moment, unsure of what to say. What could you say to something like that really? His uncertantiy was not helped by her staring expectantly at him; he looked away from her as he thought. Asking her about her capture, and what kind of experiments were performed on her, was probably not a good way to comfort her (with his luck, it would only make her more bloodlusty). He couldn't sing. He supposed he would have to settle for story telling, though the only stories he knew well were the fairy tales his mother had told him and his sister when they were children.

"You like Beauty and the Beast?"

She nodded. "I love that story." He was about to begin it, but she asked, "What's your name?"

"Taichi. You?"


He paused. "Seriously."

"My name is not funny."

"Whatever you say."

Before he could incite her to blood lust he began the story.

This time she smiled for real.

Author's Notes: This was the first chapter of an idea that's been kicking around my brain for a while now. I had a hard time decided who the main characters
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PostSubject: Re: Halloween Michi   Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:40 am


Oops. Went a little crazy there. Obviously, I enjoyed this. Very Happy
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Halloween Michi
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