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 RPG: The Issue With Miscommunication.

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Aster Selene

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PostSubject: RPG: The Issue With Miscommunication.   Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:28 am

Based off the general challenge I administered, "The Issue With Miscommunication", except I wondered what would happen if we made it an RP. In fact, this is becoming a challenge/RP.

1. There's a maximum-five-post-a-day-per-member rule- that way no one gets left behind (hopefully).
2. You can only be ONE DIGIMON OR ONE DIGIDESTINED. Nothing else. However I'm fine with two people doing the same character, which I stupidly did on "the test of friendship" before realizing what an RP even was. Oops.
4. Write your posts well, in continuous prose.
5. This is my "Japanese haven", so NO ENGLISH DUB REFERENCES!!!!! And no English miscommunications, i.e. grammar or spelling mixups. Like T.K. mixing "hate" and "late"
6. No shipping.
7. At the end of every line, put what I like to call a "challenge line". Write a line you would like the next person to include in the prose.

Recap of plot: Iori asks Takeru to give Miyako a message for him; however, things don't go as planned when the message gets passed from person, to person, to person, to person...

The line goes Iori-Takeru-Hikari-Daisuke-Taichi-Sora-Yamato-Jou-Koushiro-Ken-Miyako.

Oh yeah, and this is probably going to be a pretty short RP.

I'm doing Takeru.



I swear, I'd never seen Iori so...stressed before. He was practically running around in circles, clutching Upamon as if he really was a stuffed animal, and Iori was holding him for security.

Then again, I was pretty stressed myself. I was trying to cram facts into my head. I hadn't studied - at all for the math test in first period. So, I was a little busy trying to memorize numbers and complicated letters when finally I snapped at Iori and yelled at him, telling him to stop muttering and at least tell me what was going on.

"She's all the way over there...all the way over there..." was all I could get out of him.

"Who?" I said. I got a hissing "Miyako!" in response.

"Well," I decided, "if you need anything for Miyako I can get it to her."

The truth was, I didn't really care. I just wanted him to shut up.

So I didn't exactly pay attention at the message he was telling me. I caught "won't", "dentist", and "3:00".

"Yeah, okay," I said.

Iori ran off, pleased that the message that he had passed. Then the reality of the situation hit me: I was now consigned to pass a message to Miyako that I didn't even know what it was. What was I doing to the poor kid?

"We're in for a long day, Patamon," I said.


Challenge line: "But you see, Tailmon, that's the meaning of the pineapple horoscope!"

I think the next person to write should do Hikari; it makes sense (but doing Tailmon makes sense too).
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PostSubject: Re: RPG: The Issue With Miscommunication.   Tue May 12, 2009 12:55 am

Okay I'm new to this so......
I'll be Tailmon!
I was just sitting there waiting for Hiari to let me out the bag.
"Come on Hikari let the cat out the bag!" I shouted from inside her rucksack.
"Not yet," Hikari giggled. Suddenly I felt the back bouncing up and down even faster.
"Woah Hikari!" I screamed. I undid the zip not caring what would happen nezt I just needed to puke.
"Tailmon?" Came Takeru's voice. I looked to were Hikari had just ran to and Takeru was standing there.
"Oh hi Takeru I just neede to em...." I started.
"Go to the Pineapple Horoscope?" I heard Patamon ask.
"Wait wa?" I questioned.
"Well you see Gatomon a pineapple horoscope is a pineapple that tells you what kind of luck your going to get today or tomorrow." Takeru explained.
"What the?" I said feeling very confused.
"Well you see, Tailmon, that's the meaning of Pineapple horoscope." Hikari said.
"Ok." I walked over to Hikari and started grooming myself.
"Hikari can you do me a favour?" Takeru asked. I purked my ears to what it would be.
"Well Iori asked me to tell Miyako something but I won't be able to do it so could you?"
"Sure what's the message?"
"Uh.....Iori can't be eating pizza with her at 3:00 because he has a Dentist apointment."
I looked at Patamon confused but he just shrugged at me.
"Ok." Takeru ran of leaving Hikari by herself.


Challenge line: "Daisuke can't remember that!"
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RPG: The Issue With Miscommunication.
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