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 General Challenge: The Issue With Miscommunication

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Aster Selene
Aster Selene

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PostSubject: General Challenge: The Issue With Miscommunication   Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:43 am

Title: The Issue With Miscommunication (or if you like, Told Me To Tell You)
Friendship pairings: Any friendship.
Romance pairings: I don't want to see any TRACE of romance, onesided or whatever. Not even implications.
Summary of story: It started with a really innocent thing. Since Miyako was busy, Iori simply asked Takeru to tell her that he couldn't make it today. But things tend to get a little messy when Iori tells Takeru, and Takeru tells Hikari, and Hikari tells Daisuke, and Daisuke tells Taichi, and Taichi tells Sora, and Sora tells Yamato, and Yamato tells Jou, and Jou tells Koushiro, and Koushiro tells Ken, and Ken tells Miyako... (If this is to be on fanfiction.net then the summary has to be shorter than this)
Phrase(s) to include: "But you see, Tailmon, that's the meaning of the pineapple horoscope!"

A few notes here: Please do NOT make any references to the English dub (ergo, no "Tai's mom cooks bad" or "Joe left a love letter on Mimi's door" or "Tai had a passionate love letter to Sora" or "Sora's waiting for Tai to call".) Also, no English language screw-ups (like mixing up "hate" with "late"); please just limit to comprehension issues. My final English focus: nothing from American popular culture (i.e. songs, movies).

Otherwise, good luck!
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Expired In Goreville
Expired In Goreville

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PostSubject: Re: General Challenge: The Issue With Miscommunication   Sat Nov 08, 2008 10:06 pm

... I think I'm gonna go for it.
Very Happy
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General Challenge: The Issue With Miscommunication
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